Tattoo AfterCare:

1st, PLEASE Wash your hands,

2nd. A.  If it’s not the Breathable Transparent film Bandage ,

Carefully remove the bandage or wrap (also wet if the bandage is stuck to your new Tattoo) after about 2 hours ,you do not need to cover it with another bandage -unless you are going to get it dirty somehow then yes cover it.

2nd. B. If the covering is a Breathable Transparent film bandage please Keep on for 24 hours, then gently peel off the covering and continue with the 3rd step.

3rd.  Wash your New Tattoo with your finger tips  and any antibacterial soap ,Rinse thoroughly .It’s ok to wash it .Showers are ok to wash the Tattoo in .Just do Not Scrub your new Tattoo with anything and dont’ soak your Tattoo in a tub, Don’t go swimmimg also Do Not burn the new Tattoo in the sun for 2 weeks(once healed use sunblock to protect your skin.), DON’T GO TANNING for the first two weeks you have your new Tattoo, Please cover the tattoo if you go in the sun or tanning booth .

4th.  Apply a very thin layer of Aquaphore 2-3 times a day for a week ,Please Don’t GLOP on the ointment because you may have problems with the healing of your new Tattoo.

5th.  Most Tattoo’s Peel and get Itchy after 3-4 days ,PLEASE don’t pick or scratch your healing tattoo it can affect how its going to look.If the Tattoo does not peel -continue to step SIX,

6th.  Once your tattoo is healed, a fragrance free hand lotion is recommended at least once a day ,you can also use sunblock to protect your healed Tattoo if you go Tanning.


       Thank You for taking the time to read this,