Wrongful arrest and Mistreatment of a Handicapped Adult

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About a Colorado Sheriff’s Department in Teller County Colorado ,Who Arrested a Mentally Disabled Adult on a Hunch,because The Sheriffs needed to pin a crime on someone with a trouble past to make themselves look good,

Louis was accused of setting his parents car on fire the police decided it was arson

#1: The fire department were never called

#2 :The sheriffs involved say they know it was arson

#3 :There was no fire marshal ever called to investigate

#4 :The Almighty sheriffs at the seen decided Louis did it

#5 at midnight with the truck doors lock the officers claim they found a fire that was light and put out with no extiguishers (the back seat was burned badly firestarter unknown)and the trucks doors were locked (before and after said fire) .the the officers broke in the front door of the residence,yelling the house is on fire and six officers dragged Louis from his bed away from his parents (that didn’t exactly know what was happening in there home )to the front yard and into a police car were after a struggle .the Offier said that louis confessed to the fire, The doors on the truck were still LOCKED and closed,after the whole incident wich is very odd.


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